Tfl topographical training

ELTC is Tfl topographical training provider. There are few topographical test training centres around London. One of them is ELTC. We have lots of experienced teachers to train our students. We have a variety of packages including online packages. We started Tfl topographical training in 2021. Since we started we already trained +500 students. Our passing rate is very high. We not only train for the topographical test but also train for the SERU test. Tfl introduced new rules where every PHV driver has to sit for the SERU exam.

TFL Topographical

Training Packages

Recently we started Tfl topographical test online training. Now anyone can get training from your home. If you have a computer or laptop then you can join us online. A teacher will train you for three hours and cover all the courses. He will explain multiple-choice questions and route planning questions. Also, students can practice route planning questions from home. All you need to do you have to download a software called TeamViewer. Once you download it, we will share our Id and password. Then you can join us. Our prices are very competitive. Our teachers are experienced and some of them scored over 90% in the Tfl topography test exam. Please contact us for more information. You can visit our location where parking is free.

To book please call 07554443935