Tfl topographical test has changed in 2022. Now there are four route planning questions instead of six. Also, the total exam time has been reduced. Now TFL topographical test is 90 minutes long. Full details you can find on the TFL website. We provide training for tests. To get more information about our training packages please visit our home page. Our training center is in East London Beckton. We have lots of experienced teachers to train students. We have different packages for different needs. We also train for safety equality and regulatory understanding requirements (SERU). All the PHV drivers have to sit for the SERU test. We created 700+ questions for the SERU test.

Training Packages


Mr Afzal is very professional and his attention to detail on reading map and planning route is second to none. I highly recomment his study sessions and procedures, if followed it will definitely help

Ahmed Shakil

I would highly recommend this place for a topographical assessment. I had one class and managed to pass the test. 

Ajob Tera

These are the best instructors in east London. I will definitely recommend ELTC PCO training to friends