What you can expect from PCO Training?

Are you considering a career as a private hire driver in the UK? A PCO license is a mandatory requirement to drive for any rideshare platform. Applying for a PCO license is possible if you have a valid UK driver’s license and at least three years of driving experience. Training centers are available to help you prepare for the PCO license exam. Here’s what you can expect from PCO training. What is PCO? PCO stands for “Public Carriage Office,” a Transport for London (TfL) department responsible for issuing private hire licenses. In simpler terms, a PCO license is your ticket to legally operate as a private hire driver in London. Whether you aspire to drive for ride-sharing platforms like Uber, Bolt, or minicabs, or work as a professional chauffeur, a PCO license is your entry pass to the industry. 

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 To get a PCO license, you must meet these requirements:
● Be 21 years or older.
● Have a minimum of 3 years of UK driving experience.
● Hold the legal right to work in the UK. Read More