East London PCO licence Training Centre (ELTC)

The PCO Licence, or Private Hire Driver Licence, allows individuals to legally provide minicab hiring services in the UK. With this licence, you can work as an Uber driver. The licence is Issued by the Public Carriage Office (PCO). It is a division of Transport for London (TfL). The licence is valid for three years. To become eligible for the licence, you must go through some tests and procedures.

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To Pass the tests and gain knowledge about the whole process, enrolling in a PCO licence training centre can be beneficial. The total cost of obtaining a PCO Licence can be up to £700 and get 2 attempts at the TFL Topographical Assessment before having to restart your TFL application. You should get fully prepared for the exam. So you don’t have to attend it multiple times. Looking for the best East London facility? We recommend you to ELTC. It is a reliable and affordable TFL Topographical Assessment Training Centre.

Best East London PCO licence Training Center 

ELTC (East London Training Centre) is a dedicated TFL Topographical assessment training centre. Our training facility is located in Forest Gate, London E7. ELTC provides comprehensive training for aspiring private hire drivers, ELTC aims to facilitate successful outcomes for individuals seeking to pass the TFL Topographical Assessment and SERU (Safety, Equality, and Regulatory Understanding) exam. The facility is an approved TFL Topographical Assessment Training Centre. 

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Eligibility Criteria for PCO Licence

Applying for PCO Licence East London? You must meet the following criteria: 

● Be at least 21 years old. 

● Hold a valid UK driving licence for a minimum of 3 years. 

● Undergo a Criminal Record Check (DBS). 

● Pass a medical examination. 

● Complete the Topographical Skills Assessment. 

● Take an English Language test.

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What to Expect From ELTC (PCO Training East London)? 

Topographical Assessment Training: 

ELTC offers TFL topographical training courses with a strong emphasis on helpingstudents pass the TFL Topographical Assessment confidently. The facility provideseffective training to navigate route planning and map reading skills. The courses are designed to incorporate changing rules and regulations. 

SERU Training: 

ELTC also offers a comprehensive training course for the TFL SERU examination. Thiscovers all aspects of the exam. It provides candidates with the necessary knowledge and resources. 

Training Packages: 

● Mock Test 

● One 2 One Training 

● Online Training 

● Group Training 

● Premium Service available. 

● Diverse options cater to different learning preferences. 

After Course Support 

ELTC emphasizes post-training support, ensuring that highly-trained professionals areavailable to assist candidates even after completing their topographical assessmenttraining. 

Benefits of Joining PCO Training East London 

● Learn from experienced teachers specializing in TFL topographical assessments. ● Develop proficiency in route planning and map reading for the TFL Topographical Assessment. 

● Stay current with updated courses reflecting changes in the TFL topographical test.

● Receive comprehensive training for a well-rounded understanding of safety and regulations. 

● Choose from various packages tailored to individual learning preferences. ● Access support services post-training for continued assistance. 

● A highly-rated institution with positive reviews, attesting to professionalism and effectiveness. 

● Flexible training options 

Final Words 

Obtaining a PCO licence is an essential part if you want to become a provide-hire driver in London. In that case, a training centre can help you to boost the process. Applying for East London PCO licence? With a high success rate and positive customer reviews, ELTC can be your reliable partner.